• Storyline(apres je mets le resume en francais)

    Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. The girl, Risa Koizumi, is 170 cm tall - much taller than the average Japanese girl. The boy, Atsushi Otani, is 156 cm - way below the average height of the average Japanese boy. They are known as their school’s comedy duo because there is a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference.
    Risa Koizumi is not your average Japanese high school student. Standing 172 cm tall (about 5′7), Risa’s height is well above that of most Japanese girls her age; ironically, her name means ‘little spring’. Risa can be impulsive and strong-willed at times, and is rarely willing to display her softer side. The movie begins with Koizumi being rejected after expressing her feelings for a guy just because she is much taller than him.

    Atsushi Ōtani is very short for a boy, standing 156 cm tall (about 5″1). Like Koizumi, Ōtani’s name (roughly, “big valley”) is a pun on his diminutive stature, and he can be thoughtless and rude; at heart, however, he is kind and a little silly. Ōtani is also the star player of the school basketball team.

    His ex-girlfriend is Mayu Kanzaki, the manager of his middle-school basketball team. The second scene after Koizumi’s rejection is Otani break up with Kanzaki. Kanzaki broke up with Otani for a much taller boyfriend, and this is one of the reasons Ōtani is sensitive about his height. Although, he later finds out that wasn’t the reason she broke up with him, it was because she was in love with someone else already who just happened to be tall.

    And so the story begins with the two, declaring never to have a go at taller girls (otani) nor shorter boys (for koizumi).

    Koizumi made a bet with Otani that she can find taller guys. Begged her friends, Nobuko and Nakao, to help her find tall guys,she ends up with a karaoke date with 3 tall guys (but horribly looking). Otani comes to rescue and they ended up realizing they have the same favourite song & artist.

    Otani later got tickets to see a concert for the two’s fave singer. Kanzaki, comes to school, and passes an invitation to Koizumi+friends for Otani to come to a basketball game, on the same date with the concert. Koizumi realizes that Otani still loves Kanzaki and insists on Otani going to see Kanzaki, only then to find that the concert day happens to be on christmas night and everywhere she turns,  she sees only happy couples.  Suddenly the truth attacks her - she’s alone without companion! Buzzed with her own loneliness, she tripped over and cried. but then, she heard someone is calling over her name. It was Otani!! Otani  said he already promised Koizumi to go to oncert together. Otani puts a plaster over her wound and held her hands to race to the concert.

    After that, Koizumi starts developing feelings for Ōtani and soon admits to herself that she likes him. She then starts trying to confess. Failing the first time, Nobuko and Nakao try to help, Nobuko often giving Risa advice on what to do. Finally she very directly tells him. She immediately says she regrets it, and tells Ōtani to pretend it never happenened, but her true feelings come out, and tells Ōtani once again, that she likes him. Ōtani responded that he couldn’t see her as a girlfriend yet, so her new goal is to make Ōtani regret that and make him like her as well.

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